Description: A small 2D platformer where you must avoid a fireball throwing monster and a lava pit to reach the exit,not forgetting to pick up the key.Coded in assembly (Z80) for the gameboy color.

Screen Shots:

Jump over the lava and dodge the fireball!

Loren Sorenzo: PRE$IDENT

Description:A comical 2D text based RPG/Adventure game where you take the role of Loren Sorenzo, a not-so-popular high school student, to find the missing cheerleaders. The player embarks on an adventure through 10 deeply interconnected dynamic levels with over 40 monsters to battle against in order to save the cheerleaders and become the President of the United States of America.

Position:Technical Director

Screen Shots:

Loren (The "L") is running away from monsters in the dungeon. Watch out, they will chase you down!

Loren was touched by a monster while running away, now he has to battle. Here, he is battling one ogre and two sets of fish (in a fish tank.)

Tanks ‘n Toasters

Description: A 2D top-down tile-based action shooter game where you progress through a series of missions to unlock more areas, weapons, and vehicles to save the world against hoards of robotic and electronic devices that are under the control of Victor Hanz, an evil robot.

Video footage of gameplay.

Position: Producer, Programmer

Date: 2006 – 2007


  • Designed and programmed the graphics system, engine framework, menu/button system, weather system, and the special effects system to allow for dynamic interaction among all objects.
  • Developed a robust sound module using the FMOD library and successfully integrated it into the engine framework.
  • Gathered and organized all music and sound assets for use throughout the project and programmed the subsystem to manage these resources.
  • Utilized Direct3D, the Win32 API, the C/C++ Standard Libraries, and the STL extensively to ensure product robustness on the Windows PC platform.
  • Coordinated focus group testing among our peers to ensure gameplay balance.
  • Utilized eProject to plan milestones, develop a schedule, and apply risk assessments at regular intervals to assist in the launch of Tanks n Toasters.

Platform: PC

Requirements: Windows XP, DirectX 9, 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Processor

Move: W,A,S,D
Aim: Mouse
Shoot:Press mouse button

Screen Shots:

The helicopter is an upgrade you can get to help take out enemies quickly.

You are being attacked by robotic cars. Use the tank wisely.

Crystal Nebula

A 3D isometric based action/adventure game where the player controls a young star that must
defeat swarms of enemies and absorb their mass in order to take their place among the

Video footage of gameplay.

Position: Technical Director

Date: 2007 – 2008


  • Designed and coded the input, using DirectInput, scene management system, using TinyXML, physics, collision detection, and the engine framework to allow for dynamic object interactivity.
  • Implemented all of the required features by utilizing C/C++, the Win32 API, DirectX, C/C++ Standard Libraries, and the STL to ensure a robust framework on the Windows PC platform.
  • Worked closely with the designer and the producer to successfully implement the game’s required features before the preceded milestones.
  • Engineered a component based design using Object Oriented Programming principles to allow for versatility in the engine framework.
  • Assisted in the core design of Crystal Nebula in order to plan the development of a dynamic and robust engine architecture that would meet the designs requirements.

Platform: PC

Windows XP, DirectX 9 compatible graphics card, 512 MB RAM, 1.6 GHz Processor, Vertex/Pixel shaders 2.0 or greater.

Screen Shots:

The crescent moons are shooting projectiles at you. You better find some asteroids to launch at them fast!

Ack! The player is being attacked by ninja stars. Ninja stars twirl about and throw themselves at you doing lots of damage.

The player is sucking up essence to heal himself, but watch out, an enemy is near by!