Books I’ve read in 2009

4/5 – Advanced Lighting and Materials with Shaders
Discusses a ton of different BRDF’s that I never knew existed. This book is really book and meant for advanced graphics programmers. There are a couple of things I dislike about the book: 1) Math formulas are glazed over and never really discussed, so you have to figure them out for yourself, which isn’t necessarily the end of the world. 2) Spherical Harmonic Lighting section was confusing. I’m not sure it was the books fault though because the concepts are really advanced. I just wish they were discussed in more detail. I had to read the section like 3 or 4 times and I’m still not 100% clear on some aspects. Overall, if you are into graphics, I highly recommend this book.

3/5 – Focus on 3D Models
This book is a little bit dated unfortunately. I’m not sure why it bothered discussing the obj model format, I feel it’s pretty worthless. You can be the judge though as the model formats it discusses are as follows: md2( quake 2), obj, milkshape 3d, 3ds, mdl (half-life), md3 (quake 3). I was looking for a good model format and so far I’ve settled on a possible few: milkshape 3d, x format, or possibly md5?  Milkshape 3d seems to be a good general one that can easily be converted to and from others.

5/5 – Programming Interviews Exposed
I learned quite a bit from this book, like solutions to problems that I’ve never really come across before but that could perhaps be useful in the future. Unfortunately, a lot of the questions are simple of you know the “trick.” Otherwise, it’s a good exercise and refresher if you’re rusty. I felt that this book helped expand my mind and helped me start thinking outside the box.

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