Sundown Cerose

Description: A fast-paced comic book style 3D isometric based action/adventure game where the player must battle hordes of minions in order to save the galaxy.

Gameplay video footage of Sundown Cerose.

Position: Technical Director

Date: 2008 – 2009


  • Designed and coded the input, using DirectInput, scene management system, using TinyXML, physics, collision detection, and the engine framework to allow for dynamic object interactivity.
  • Implemented all of the required features by utilizing C/C++, the Win32 API, DirectX, C/C++ Standard Libraries, and the STL to ensure a robust framework on the Windows PC platform.
  • Worked closely with the designer and the producer to successfully implement the game’s required features before the preceded milestones.
  • Engineered a component based design using Object Oriented Programming principles to allow for versatility in the engine framework.
  • Assisted in the core design of “Sundown Cerose” in order to plan the development of a dynamic and robust engine architecture that would meet the designs requirements.
  • Designed and Implemented the level editor

Platform: PC

Requirements: Windows XP, DirectX 9 compatible graphics card, 512 MB RAM, 1.6 GHz Processor, Vertex/Pixel shaders 2.0 or greater.

Controls: Move: W,A,S,D
Aim: Mouse
Shoot fireball:Left mouse button
Flame thrower: Right mouse button

Screen Shots:

The flame thrower in action.

The player was hit and is now running away.

The player shooting fireballs.

The player charging at the enemies.

Prerendered 3D Projects


  1. A chess set. Modeled in 3DS Max.
  2. A close up of the chess set.
  3. A castle that I modeled based off of blueprints. Untextured wire frame. Modeled in 3DS Max.
  4. A Deathwurm. Not textured. Modeled in 3DS Max.
  5. A level for Unreal Tournament 2003. Modeled using UnrealEd. A 3 story building on my school’s campus. Modeled and textured completely. Textures were created by me using a digital camera. Includes a cafeteria, offices, kitchen, book store, post office area, cafe and game area.