vim – Quick vim tip

I’ve always used the “w” key to go forward a word when highlighting stuff. There’s a problem with this though when you want to just copy a single word.

Lets say you have the sentence “you are a car.” Let’s also assume you have placed your cursor on the letter “a” in “are.”

And we want to highlight the word “are.” So we press “vw”. When you press the letter “w”, it highlights the following: “are a”. Note that it includes a space and the letter a.

So the letter “w” is the wrong key to use, so what is the key to go to the end of the word instead?

It’s the letter: e

Books I’ve read in 2011

1) 4/5 Who wants to be a millionaire? (978-1883589875)

This book was a pretty good book for what it is. It’s a very small book, so you really can’t expect much. It’s catered towards teenagers in school and you can read it in about a day. The contents are about how to save up for retirement, basically. If you do it soon enough, and correctly, you can have about a million dollars or more. The critical ideas are: mutual funds, 401Ks, roth IRAs, and insurance.  I recommend it if you don’t know anything about finances or about where to put your money. Even if you don’t have any money, you can still save up, but the key is to do it early enough (when you’re young).

2) 3/5 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to String Theory (978-1592577026)

Amazingly, there aren’t any equations. There are good and bad parts and I get lots quite often. Mainly when he says “The blank-blank theory says this”… But doesn’t leave any references to say why, because I don’t know where he gets quite a few of his statements. The author is probably correct, because I don’t know any better. On a good note, the appendix has a wealth of really good links and info if you want more info. Overall, so far, it’s ok. But there’s got to be a book that explains it better. It does make some things clearer though, but I guess it’s just piecing things together piece by piece, but you will probably need other resources to complete the picture. This book just feels like a bunch of random physics statements thrown together.

3) IN PROGRESS 5/5 The Holy Bible

I won’t be reading all of it, but I will be reading all of the main narrative books that go through the main story. So far, the story is very unique and inspiring. You can’t really attempt to understand it by yourself unless you’re a history buff and know what was going on in the time period. Also knowing which books were written in which time period is very helpful as well. Who was in world power, where the old nations were located, etc. I have quite a few resources and help to figure things out, so if a regular person picked up the bible and started reading it, they’d most likely miss a good portion of the important things that require an understanding of real history. This will always be “in progress.”