Adding “edit with” to context sensitive menu

I manually installed notepad++ into my dropbox folder so I could use it anywhere. Unfortunately, it didn’t add the “Edit with Notepad++” entry for the context sensitive right-click menu. This trick works for almost any application that accepts a file name on the command line as the first argument.

To see if your application has this ability, open up a command prompt (start->run->cmd). For example, lets see if notepad has this ability. In the command prompt, type “notepad.exe file.txt” without the quotes and where file.txt is some text file in the directory the command prompt is currently in. Notepad will launch with file.txt loaded and showing. If you can do this with other apps (such as Notepad++), then you are good to go.

So to add the “edit with” menu option manually, you have to create a text file and add this to it:

Replace the path with wherever you installed the application you want to launch (in this case, it was notepad++.exe).

Two things of note: Make sure the path has double back slashes between each directory “\\” and make sure that after the “file.exe” file name, there is a trailing “\”. In this example it says “…\notepad++.exe\” This must be there.

You can make it say whatever you want in the menu by editing the words “Edit with Notepad++” to whatever you want.

Save the file with a .reg extension. After you do this, the file should have have an icon with little blue building blocks on it. Double click it, windows will ask if you really want to enter this into the registry, click ok/yes.

You now should be able to right click on any file and have the menu option come up. Clicking it will result it the application launching with the “clicked on” file loaded (if the application developer implemented this.)

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