Books I’ve read before 2009

3/5 – Introduction to Game Development
This books has a little to say about a lot of the different areas of game development. If you don’t know anything about the game industry or how things work, it would probably be a very good read. The sections that helped me personally were the physics and the programming sections. The rest were not interesting to me. I’m sure they would be interesting to the people that took interest in those sections, obviously.

5/5 – Get in the Game! – Careers in the Game Industry
Goes over in depth of how a game dev studio works internally and what each position entails. If you’re trying to break into the industry, I would definitely recommend this book.

5/5 – Unix for Dummies
If you’ve never used linux or unix before, this is a good book. It’s easy to follow and is actually a decent reference. Although it doesn’t have advanced things, which I wouldn’t expect it to. For getting acquainted with linux/unix, it’s very good.


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