boost::uuid for unique identifiers

Frequently when I need a unique identifier I might do something silly, like create a static variable and every time an instance of that object is created, I would increment the counter. There are concerns of overflow and other weird things, such as saving and loading these identifiers and syncing the counter back up…

Instead, I would highly recommend using boost::uuid to create a unique identifier. It’s basically a GUID or a UUID. The best part is that it’s cross platform, so it works on mac/linux/windows. It goes something like this:

The syntax is a bit weird for generating a uuid, but that’s how it’s done.

You can use boost::lexical_cast to convert between the uuid and a string. As of right now, boost::serialization can not serialize boost::uuids::uuid objects, for some reason, so the best thing to do is to lexical cast to a string, serialize it, then lexical cast back into a boost::uuids::uuid data type.

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