VS2010 Extension – Better Fix Mixed Tabs

I frequently deal with code that has tabs in it that needs to be converted over to code without tabs, preferably without losing any formatting. Unfortunately I have yet to find an extension to do this. I thought an extension called “Fix Mixed Tabs” would do the trick, but it only untabifies or tabifies the beginning of a line, so I wrote this one which can be found in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010’s gallery.

It can convert between tabs and spaces, it doesn’t go just one way.

Title: Better Fix Mixed Tabs (because Fix Mixed Tabs doesn’t do what I needed)
Link on Microsoft’s site (recommended): Better Fix Mixed Tabs


Azeem Khan wrote a script that allows the user to export data from joomla and move it over to wordpress.
Unfortunately it didn’t work with the latest: Joomla: 1.5.20 Stable and WordPress: 3.0.1.
So I extended it, you can find the script here: Joomla2WordPressV4

Azeem Khan’s site is here: http://azeemkhan.info/

Shortcut Drive Fixer

Allows the user to change a bunch of shortcuts to point from one drive to another.

Download: sdf.7z

Shortcut drive fixer

I made another one time use utility. I call it the “Shortcut Drive Fixer.”

After naming it that, I realized I should have named it “Shortcut drive changer”. Basically, I ran into an issue where I upgraded my computer and I wanted my games to be placed on my faster drive. I could have changed the drive letters around, but I wanted to take my games off of my slow drive, so if I changed the drive letters, other stuff would have broke anyways. So i made this simple little utility that reads in a directory (possibly containing subdirectories), and changes the shortcuts to point from one drive, to another.

It fixed all of my shortcuts in one go. You made it a little user-friendly (though still command line). I’m sure you could break it if you wanted to though.

You can grab it here.

Port Scanner Proggie

I created a little port scanning program in C# today. I found a tutorial on how to do it. It’s really easy. But it wasn’t multithreaded, so I made it multithreaded to keep the UI responsive. You can find it here.

Port Scanner

A multithreaded port scanning program written in C#. I wrote this because I saw a nifty little tutorial on how to do it, but it wasn’t multithreaded. I thought it would be a neat little exercise for me.

Download: PortScanner.7z

Copy and Rename

I developed this little tool because I had a ton of pictures that all had meaningless names in a directory, and I wanted some sense of organization. This tool was written in VB and it basically takes all of the files in a directory, copies them to a new directory and renames them sequentially so there is some form of organization. This was a throw away app for me and probably no one will ever use it, but here it is anyways. I have included the source code as well, but this app was written a very long time ago.

Download: CopyAndRename.7z

Restore Maximize Toggle

I developed this little tool because the software that came with Microsoft’s Intellimouse didn’t support a way to use the mouse to maximize and restore a window using one of their buttons on the mouse. With this tool though, you can tell the intellimouse software to run this little exe when a mouse button is pressed (one of the special mouse buttons), and whatever window is currently selected it will either maximize or restore the window. Very handy I think.

Download: restoremaximizetoggle.exe

Opera Session Exporter 2

I developed a small little tool that exports the URLs from an opera session file to a plain text file. It doesn’t save the history, just the tab urls. Also I have included the source. It’s not that great because I developed it in haste. Check the readme though.

Download: OperaSessionExporter2.7z