Hyperdimensional Beings

Do you believe in angels or demons, or ghosts that are destined to wander the earth for who knows how long? I love looking for connections between what we know scientifically (or what we’ve theorized) and what religions have taught and passed down. For example, I am Catholic, so I believe in angels, demons, souls in purgatory, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, saints, hell, among other things.

I’m not too good at math stuff or the physics stuff, but I like to theorize in my spare time because I think it’s fun and to me it makes sense. For example, one of my theories is about angels and demons.

I believe angels and demons exist, but we can’t see them. Why? It’s obvious from a physics perspective. Maybe this isn’t physically accurate, but it’s just a thought. For example, let’s assume that we live in a 2D world, similar to a painting. We can only look forward and backward and that’s all we can see. We can only see things on our flat piece of art work. It’s impossible to look perpendicular outside of our picture because that’s a higher dimension. Even if we could see it, we wouldn’t be able to comprehend it. It might be like looking into the future or the past.

I think that maybe demons, angels, people in purgatory all live in a higher dimension. Where they can see us (on a painting), but we can’t see them. They can interact with us if they want as well. If we raise the concept to a 3D level, they live in the fourth dimension or 5th, but we can’t see them. But they can see us quite easily, like looking at a painting.

But sometimes angels and demons interact with us, which is quite possible. We have demons that possess people and we have angels that appear to people. This is about the same as flattening yourself and injecting yourself into a 2D painting. Not something they probably want to do too often. Sometimes people report shadows that move, or foot prints in carpet, but they see nothing. This should make sense because I can take my finger and scratch off a piece of the painting, but light only interacts in our 3D space with materials in 3D, not 4th or 5th dimension. Or does it? Sometimes people see things, but it’s faint. Maybe a stupid orb or a weird floaty thing. Their cameras do weird things too.

Electromagnetic interference is frequently reported when “ghost hunters” go into haunted houses and the lights do strange things, and the devices go crazy. Lights flicker and sometimes you hear sounds. We know that light is just another electromagnetic frequency, so it might bounce off of something if they are only a little bit in our dimension. But to us, it looks like weird floaty things.

For example, me putting my finger on the piece of art work. The majority of my finger is not on or in the painting, just a tiny bit touches the surface. But what the 2D person sees is this weird line that is suspended in mid air. It appears and disappears when I want it to. Light even bounces off of it. It can even cast a shadow or push things over, since I’m directly touching the stuff in the painting. (if the stuff in the painting actually contained movable objects).

I think sometimes we assume that electromagnetism only happens in our 3D world. If we don’t know there are other dimensions, and things in those dimensions we can’t see (so we assume nothing is there), we will be unable to describe weird electromagnetic happenings. It will be impossible. For example, today physicists talk about “dark energy” and/or “dark matter” that they throw into their simulations to get things to simulate properly. Come on, we know what that crap is. It’s stuff in a higher dimensions that warp spacetime. It has mass, it has energy, we just can’t see it but yet we know it’s there because our simulations fall apart without these “fudge factors”.

Just because we can’t see heaven or hell, or demons angels or God, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Prove those things exist? It’s in another dimension perpendicular to ours. It’s not possible for us to do so. If you’re in an elevator rapidly accelerating up, can you prove the elevator is rapidly accelerating up? Or are you being pulled downward? It’s not possible for you to know. Similarly, proving that God, satan, demons, or angels exist or don’t exist is a stupid request. Physically. Really it is. We need a different reference frame. It’s the same as asking me to prove there are more than 4 dimensions. How does someone that lives in a 2D plane prove there’s a third dimension to someone else who also lives in a 2D plane?

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