Joomla to WordPress migration

I moved my entire website over from Joomla to WordPress because I find wordpress easier to use. The interface is a lot cleaner and elegant. With Joomla, for example, I kept getting confused between a “section” and a “category” and it REQUIRES you to use both. WordPress just has “categories” and that’s all I need because you can make subcategories and subcategories within those subcategories. I also think it’s a bit faster too, but I also changed my hosting provider too from goDaddy. goDaddy used to be pretty good, but their website is a horrendous mess and my website was so unbelievably slow I wanted to throw stuff.

Anyways, wordpress is really nice because there are lots of ways to customize it easily, like with the addition of plugins. There are tags (which I didn’t have before), and for some reason, google didn’t really like my site when it was on joomla. I don’t think it was being indexed properly because Google only was able to pick up my main page. The only problem I had was the migration from Joomla.  I did find a tool, but it was for an old version of wordpress & joomla. It wasn’t too difficult to fix, but it did take a day or two. I reposted it under my “other projects” area though, the author didn’t seem to care. I was hoping he would repost it on his site, but he hasn’t contacted me back yet.

I did find some bugs in the tool regarding quotes in strings. That was a major pain because the quotes were ultimately going to be in the sql statement. I already had a lot of posts, and most of them looked ok, but only a handful of posts didn’t and I didn’t know why. After a little research I realized that, for some reason, I had uncommon characters in my post. Basically sql choked on these characters (i.e., didn’t say a thing and just died.)

Other than that, a lot of site specific stuff needed to be fixed. It probably isn’t all fixed, but periodically you may find stuff in the site that has the string “{jcomments}” in it. This was a thing in Joomla that allowed me to insert a “comments” plugin. So I had to through and fix a bunch of that kind of stuff. There were also some formatting issues that caused the entire site to blow up. There weren’t too many issues, but overall, it took about 20 – 40 to get things running smoothly. I still was hoping to check out a bunch of other cms’s, but as soon as I tried wordpress, I fell in love.. 🙂

Overall, the style of the site currently is Ok. I had to edit some stuff to get it to look the way I wanted though with the current theme, which I like with a few tweaks.

As a side note, I have support for LaTeX.  See math equation below for an example.

[math]\sum \sum \mathit{e5}+\mathit{r23}[/math]

Now that the site migration is practically finished, I can get back to work.

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