Reducing API modifications

A colleague of mind gave me a really cool idea that’s so simple I never thought about it from a design perspective. Sometimes, a function might take several arguments, where each argument represents a configuration value.

If, in the future, you need to add more settings you can add more parameters… But that causes the API to change, which is a huge hassle most of the time. Instead, it’s better to create a struct and pass that in. That way, the API is kept the same. You probably want to initialize the struct to some good defaults though.

So now, it doesn’t matter how many settings you might add in the future, the API doesn’t change. In fact, if you look at the Win32 API, you’ll see they do the same thing. The function takes a struct, and a bunch of stuff you need to set in the struct. This allows the API to be usable well after it should be be killed without the older apps crashing. 🙂

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