Sine wave with Tsunami

Sine wave

Sine wave using a vertex shader

Look kids, math.  Done using sine wave where the distance from the center is passed into the sine function (along with some other stuff). It animates with time too, but I didn’t feel like putting up a youtube video. I’ve wanted to make this for quite some time but I’ve just never gotten around to doing it. I always thought this looked cool though. May build off of this for a water scene in the future, but we’ll see. It used to have color associated with the height of each vertex, but I removed the colors and just made the height get darker. You can see the valleys get lighter in color.

On a side note, I’ve decided to keep posting the progress of my engine (which I’ve decided to call Tsunami). Mainly for myself to see where I’ve been because it’s kind of nice to see the progress I’ve made.

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