Two dropbox instances for one Win7 user

I’m always afraid of websites randomly disappearing, especially when they have useful information on them. I happened to stumble across a website that explains how to set up multiple dropbox instances on a windows 7 or vista machine. I’m going to briefly just copy that info here for my own reference ( and yours 🙂 )

  1. Setup dropbox like normal with an account.
  2. Create a second user on your windows machine with a password.
  3. Login as that second user.
  4. Install dropbox again for that user and set it to synchronize a folder that both windows accounts can access.
  5. Log back into the original windows account.
  6. Find the dropbox.exe in the other user’s folder that you just created: c:\users\<username>appdata\roaming\dropbox\bin\dropbox.exe
  7. Make a shortcut to that .exe file somewhere.
  8. In the shortcut’s properties, change the “Target” field to something like this: runas /user:<username> /savecred C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\D ropbox\bin\Dropbox.exe
  9. Double click the shortcut, type in the password, and it should be working.

Software I Use

I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools and evaluating and testing some of the best to make my life easier and my work go faster. The following tools are the ones that I find most valuable and useful for me. Almost all of this software is free except for a select few tools.

  1. Notepad++ – All around good editor with syntax highlighting
  2. FileZilla – a good stable ftp client
  3. SugarSync – backup files on the cloud, share, etc.
  4. Gmail – Email
  5. Visual Studio 2010 – Not free
  6. ViEmu Extension for VS2010 – Not free
  7. KeePass (use with sugarsync) – Manage passwords, cd keys, login information, etc.
  8. – Remote access your computer from any other computer through internet
  9. AntiVir Antivirus – Free and good
  10. Google Reader – Keep up on the latest
  11. Google Docs – Your docs can be accessed anywhere
  12. Nirvana ( – Task management system. Get stuff done
  13. Google Calendar – Can create events and be notified on your phone.
  14. Local Website Archive – Save a single webpage for later
  15. WinHTTrack – Save an entire website for later
  16. CCleaner – Remove junk files from your computer from lots of different areas.
  17. f.lux – Adjusts monitor’s temperature according to daylight, makes easier on eyes.
  18. Secunia PSI – Finds all software on computer that has a security vulnerability
  19. Areca – Backup software, free
  20. Windows Grep – search inside of files for a specific word or string
  21. Directory Compare –
  22. Restoration – Allows you to possibly recover a file after deleting it.
  23. CPU-Z – Displays all sorts of information about your cpu, memory, motherboard..
  24. GPU-Z – Displays lots of info about your gpu, temps, etc.
  25. CPUID Hardware Monitor (HWMonitor) – Small, fast temperature monitor for your computer
  26. Input Director – Allows two computers to require only one mouse and keyboard.
  27. Startup Delayer – Makes startup faster by allowing you to schedule WHEN a startup app launches.
  28. Everything ( – Extremely fast and small file indexer, allows you to locate files instantly. Much better than win7 solution.
  29. Unlocker Assistant – Allows you to unlock files if their handle hasn’t been released by some program. Mainly for xp, I haven’t needed this on win7 a whole lot.
  30. Diskeeper 2010 – Not free, but the best defragger I’ve ever come across.
  31. RegAlyzer – A free more advanced registry editor. The main thing I use is the dropdown text box, so I can copy and paste entries from the internet into the box easily without having to navigate it manually.
  32. XML Notepad 2007 – Visually inspect and edit xml files.
  33. Google Chrome

Chrome Extensions:

  1. Google Shortcuts – Official firefox port
  2. Sexy Undo close tab
  3. Download All
  4. LastPass
  5. Google Mail Checker
  6. Neat Bookmarks
  7. FreshStart – Session Manager
  8. Speed Dial – An empty page has links to the most used pages you probably want to access.
  9. Xmarks – keep your bookmarks on the cloud and access them anywhere while keeping them synchronized.
  10. ReaderPlus
  11. Super Full Feeds For Google Reader
  12. RSS Subscription Extension (By Google)

I didn’t bother listing any of the reversing / assembly tools that I use as there are so many. You can find sites that has a list of tools that are popular.