vim – Changing text between brackets, parens, etc. quickly

Vim tip: Move your cursor between any of set the following: (), “”, [], {}, etc.

Then type one of the following:  

Or any combination. it will remove or change or yank all of the text between those braces.

vim – How to reload your .gvimrc file without quitting gVim

At work I modify my .gvimrc file, and it’s a big hassle to have to quit mvim (mac) and reload it. So a neat command you can do is to type this:

This will reload your .gvimrc file without leaving gvim.
This should work with regular vim too.

vim – Vim link dump

I’ve been using Vim for quite a while and I love it. So I have placed a bunch of useful ViM links here. If you’re a programmer, I highly recommend learning Vim. Unfortunately Vim doesn’t have very good intellisense like functionality. So if you’re on linux, use NetBeans and the jvi plugin, and if you’re on windows and you want to stick with Visual Studio, get the viEmu extension (not free).

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vim – Vim Emulators

NetBeans: jvi
For VS2010, free but sucked last time I checked: VsVIM
For VS 2010/2008/2005: ViEmu

UPDATE: VsVim is now the best one. It no longer sucks. 😀