Too many white papers, too little time

I’ve been hearing quite a bit aboutO3Dfrom Google, but I’ve just sorta blown it off as another Google thing. Kind of like their Chrome Browser which I wasn’t too fond of. But I actually got a chance to check it out and I must say that I’m impressed. This demo shows some interesting bits:Beach Demo

The only thing I don’t like about it are the input controls. I couldn’t simultaneously press “w” and move the mouse at the same time. But overall it looks impressive. Eventually people will start using it for game dev. It appears they already have checkers operational. The only problem I see is that it is yet another api to learn.

On a side note, I have begun to realize, after trying to keep up with my rss feeds, that it is next to impossible to keep up to date on all the latest and coolest things. What I’m referring to are “white papers.” Some of them are fantastic but not useful, while others are very useful. So how might one go about keeping up to date with the latest, but weed out the less important white papers to avoid wasting time?

Currently, I don’t have a solution to this problem. But the best I can hope for is to only read the papers that other people recommend and/or the popular papers. Another thing to do is to avoid reading white papers all together and only read books. This presents a problem for a couple of reasons but also might be a good idea:

1) Pro: Books usually contain useful proven information (I like to call them stable solutions.) You’re much less likely to waste time if you read a book.
2) Con: You won’t get the “latest” engineering solutions. You could always engineer a solution yourself though.
3) Con: You might not be able to find what you’re looking for in books. There aren’t a whole lot of books on “point rendering” for example.

Honestly, there is too many interesting things going on to always get the best of the best. From GPGPU processing, Graphics (real-time, precomputed), volumetric rendering, etc. etc.

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