VsVim for Visual Studio 2012

Since I started using visual studio 2012 in April, I have discovered that the vsVim plugin extension is very very good. I highly recommend it if you want to swing that way. It’s not perfect, but it’s much more functional than it used to be and it’s frequently updated, which is great. I use it at work and I find that using vsVim, and visual studio hotkeys allows me to work without ever having to touch the mouse. These are the commonly used hotkeys that I use to navigate around:

Ctrl+S (I installed the “switch” extension) – navigates between .h and .cpp files
Ctrl+Tab – Navigates between sources files. Just pressing once goes to the last file used. Pressing multiple times allows you to navigate.
Ctrl+; – Searches for the name of a file in the project.
Ctrl+Alt+F – standard file search.
F5, Ctrl+F5, F7, Ctrl+F7 – Build commands.
F12, Ctrl+F12 (go to definition/declaration)

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